How to Use PDF Viewer on the New Microsoft Edge Chromium

Microsoft is coming with a lot of novelties, the first one being the Microsoft Edge Chromium, while the second one comes alongside the engine, the PDF viewer tool. The PDF tool is specialized for open and working with PDF files on the Windows 10.

The tool is just in the beginning, so the features are limited yet. The browser is new as well, so the company will add with time other elements in the next updates. If you are curious about how to use the Chromium version with the PDF tool, we have a little guide for you.

How to Use PDF Viewer on the New Microsoft Edge Chromium

The first you should start with is to make the new Microsoft Edge the default PDF viewer on your computer. Open Settings – Apps- Default Apps – Set default by the app – Select Microsoft Edge – Manage – choose default app for pdf.files – Microsoft Edge. If you follow these steps, you will start to work with the new PDF tool in the browser.

Moreover, if you want to work with the PDF files while using the Microsoft Edge, here are the steps. First, open File Explorer- search for the document in the designated folder- chose the PDF file and right-click on it – tap on Open with Menu and select Microsoft Edge. This is available if the first step is not made yet. If the first step is complete, all your documents will open with the PDF reader.

Besides this, you have to get familiar with the PDF tool. When a document is open, you will see a toolbar at the top. If the toolbar does not appear, point the mouse there and click on the Pin button. On the left side of the document, you have the current number of the page. With this option, you can jump from one page to another one. For searching something in the file, use Ctrl+F.

The toolbar has the Zoom in and out buttons, a rotate button, a draw button, the eraser button, and the print button. More features will come with the next updates, so don’t worry if you can’t do everything for now.

Finally, if you want to edit your PDF documents, go to Microsoft Edge – go to the PDF form – insert the information you needed – save and print if necessary.

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