Huawei Assistant Update Rolled Out With Performance Improvements

We live in a digital age where advanced technology sits in the palm of our hand, allowing users to perform a variety of tasks. Many people love to use their mobile devices to check their social networks, perform payments, keep track of important events, and much more.

A handy personal assistant can make a significant difference, offering access to great boons which streamline the user experience and make the device even better. In recent years a large number of smartphone manufacturers have started to work on their personal assistant, and one of them is Huawei Assistant.

About Huawei Assistant

Huawei Assistant can be accessed easily by performing a right-swipe gesture on your device to open the dedicated window. Harness the power of the convenient search window to scan your device and find relevant files, emails, other data in an effortless way. A complete scan takes a few seconds, and the results will be displayed according to their relevance.

The most important apps can be accessed in a few seconds by tapping on the dedicated shortcuts. Users can create up to four shortcuts that can be placed on the home screen and offer the ability to enjoy your favorite features with a single tap.

What’s new in the latest Huawei Assistant update?

The power of advanced artificial intelligence can be used in a variety of ways to improve the performance of a smartphone device. By using the full potential of custom AI protocols, the Huawei Assistant can scan the internet to collect relevant information and services that can be accessed easily. Notifications and reminders will be displayed according to your specific user habits and needs.

Use the customizable newsfeed to learn more about the latest events, impressive reveals in the tech world, and information provided by some of the biggest news outlets in the world. All the data is safe, thanks to advanced security protocols and the use of local storage. The new Huawei Assistant update arrives with new performance improvements.

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