Huawei HiCharger DC Release Date Is Set For April 24th

Huawei made one step ahead and is now growing its variety of technological equipment, apart from smartphones, the company is also producing smart TVs and several other communication gadgets. In addition to the full range of types of equipment, Huawei has recently announced the release of the Huawei HiCharger DC. The upcoming electric charger features a fast-charging module and is scheduled to be released on the 24th of April.

Huawei HiCharger DC has partnered with several electric departments in Chinese companies and will act as an energy charging infrastructure. This new release makes the company an asset in the charging solutions industry. Huawei’s power product is going to cover four areas: data center energy, smart photovoltaic, communications energy and smart electric.

About Huawei HiCharger DC

The new Huawei HiCharger DC’s principal purpose is to provide quality services in automotive electrification. In addition to this, the component presents vital features such as battery management, power supply, or electronic controls. The blog site called MyDrivers has reported that quite a several companies have joined the Huawei charging solution.

Consequently, the company is continuously expanding its portfolio, aiming to include variations of charging solutions, as well as 5G technology and many more others. The launch of the fast charging solution can position the company in the top suppliers of smart car charging on a global scale. In the beginning, its home country, China, is going to benefit the most from this technological discovery and in the following years, the company is going to expand to other countries as well.

Besides HiCharger DC, another promising project that Huawei has announced is the HiCar interactive system for vehicles. The feature was already implemented into the EMUI mobile softer and there are even some smartphones that can access this feature. Beginning with Huawei Mate 30 and finishing with Huawei p40 series, the users can enjoy the HiCar functionality.

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