Huawei Honor Tab 6 To Launch At The Same Time With Honor V30

For some time now, rumors have been revolving around the Honor V30 smartphone manufactured by Huawei. Recent leaks, however, say that Huawei Hono Tab 6 will launch along with Honor V30, at the same time. Also, there might be a Huawei Honor V30 Pro model, too.

The new rumors come from the renowned Chinese social network Weibo, where one user gave more details about the upcoming Huawei Honor Tab 6 and Honor V30 smartphone.

Huawei Honor Tab 6 to sport the Kirin 810 chipset

According to the leaks, the tablet will come with the Kirin 810 chipset, backed by either 3 Gb or 4 Gb of RAM. Besides, Huawei Honor Tab 6 would be in-line with the specs of the previous model, Tab 5, but with some additions from here and there.

Accordingly, we should expect Honor Tab 6 to come with either 32 Gb or 64 Gb of internal storage, 8-inch display with 1920 x 1080 resolution, and the new Kirin 810 chipset. We also believe that it would sport 5G support since Huawei focuses on adding the feature on increasingly more of its devices.

Huawei Honor Tab 6 To Launch At The Same Time With Honor V30

The rumors that Honor Tab 6 and Honor V30 (and probably Honor V30 Pro) would launch at the same time, during a shared conference, came from user Changan Digital Jun on Weibo. He said the following:

“Incidentally, Honor V30 conference is likely to publish about Huawei Honor Tab 6, equipped with Kirin 810 SoC. I Just heard two ‘friends’ talk, listening to a conveniently slide down; probably lied to me, you listen to on the line.”

The translation is not the best is can be, but we figure out that the user heard two “friends,” possibly two sources close to Huawei and its brand Honor talking about the upcoming tablet. Well, while we should take such rumors with a grain of salt, there is a significant change that Kiring 810 SoC to power Honor Tab 6. However, it is hard to believe that Huawei and Honor would present two devices of this caliber at the same event.

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