Huawei MateBook Laptops Won’t Come With Windows 10, But That Could Be An Advantage

Huawei still has a Hell of a time with the ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China, or at least that’s how it seems like. After the dreadful announcement that future phones created by the Chinese company will not run any Google apps, it’s time for some of its future laptops to be deprived of services offered by an American corporation. And yes, you guessed it, Microsoft doesn’t want its operating systems on Huawei MateBook laptops.

No Windows 10 for Huawei MateBook Laptops

While it’s by default for most computers launched in the recent years to have the beloved Windows 10 installed, certainly, MateBook 13, MateBook 14 and MateBook X Pro created by Huawei will not have the same fate. The Asian corporation already began to sell them, and customers show some interest since the laptops are looking very elegant, with sleek designs and some powerful hardware.

But why necessarily Windows? Huawei has an ace up their sleeve! Is there life after Windows? Huawei wants to prove to us that there is, while most companies are terrified by the question.

Therefore, MateBook 13, MateBook 14, and MateBook X Pro are hosting another competitive operating system: the latest version of Deepin Linux, a very popular distribution of Linux. And this inevitably means a pretty good deal for computers with high-end specs. Therefore Huawei’s employees have all the reasons to be optimistic.

The significant advantage is the cost

Installing Windows 10 on its devices would have cost Huawei a lot of money, so why not saving some decent amounts while Deepin is free to download and use and maybe not less useful as an operating system? And who knows what wonderful and productive things Huawei can accomplish with all that money saved?

And let’s face it: even though Windows 10 is so beloved worldwide, not everybody likes it. Both Windows 10 and Deepin Linux have impressive features, and both receive regular updates, so most likely we can’t say for sure which one is better.

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