Huawei Overclassed Apple! They Are Now The 2nd Largest Smartphone Merchant In 2019

A new report proves that Huawei has surpassed Apple and became the second most prolific smartphone vendor worldwide for 2019. Samsung held on to its top spot.

Source of the report

The report was written by Counterpoint Research, and it reveals a decrease of about 1% in smartphone shipments across the whole industry. However, even though it was heavily restricted by severe restrictions, Huawei managed to return a growth of sales within Chinese borders, where it holds about 40% of the market. 

The lack of Google Play Services on new devices translates to an uphill struggle for Huawei in convincing customers to choose smartphones in the rest of the world. Also, the figures mentioned above include the budget sub-brand Honor.

Huawei keeps on trying to sell their older devices. Unfortunately for them, its value proposition is being increasingly undermined, which is far from good. 

Apple comeback?

Apple managed to attain the highest sales figures for the last quarter of 2019. That is the first time in over two years when they are the top smartphone vendor in the whole quarter. The iPhone 11 was an undoubted success for the American tech company. However, they still saw a 1% decline in global sales in 2019, in comparison to the prior year. 

A worrying aspect

An unfortunate statistic for the whole smartphone industry is the constant decline in sales. Thankfully, 5G technology is just around the corner, and manufacturers hope that this will drive people to make purchases of 5G enabled phones, which translates to a rebalancing of the overall sales figure. 

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