Huawei P30 Vs. Honor 20 Pro – Is The Budget Model Better?

The Honor 20 Pro and the Huawei P30 are two of the most popular smartphones of the moment.

They have many similar features that make users wonder if the cheaper model is the right choice, especially as the price is so attractive.

Honor is a sub-brand of Huawei, and its devices are typically cheaper than Huawei devices, though that’s not necessarily always the case.

The Honor 20 Pro is somewhat of a budget flagship on par with most flagships of 2019.

Though comparing it with the Huawei P30 pro may put it in an unfavorable light, comparing it to the regular P30 may surprise you!


As we get more and more accustomed to giant smartphones, we can safely say that the two devices are compact and pleasant to hold. The Honor 20 is a bit larger and nearly twenty grams heavier.

In terms of colors, the Honor 20 Pro outshines the P30 with its phantom black and phantom blue editions.

The black version changes its nuance in relation to the angle the light hits it, an effect that makes it stand out from a crowd!

On the front side, the main difference is the placement of the selfie camera.

The Huawei’s camera features a drop-shaped middle notch, while the Honor has a hole in the screen.

That results in a better screen-to-body ratio, at 91%, in contrast to the 86% of the P30.

Both devices have a glass back and metal frames.

The Honor 20 Pro doesn’t feature an under-display fingerprint reader like the P30 does, but it has a side-mounted one.

Though it’s an older method of unlocking your phone, the side-mounted scanner often works better than the under-display one.


In terms of screen technology, Huawei is the winner thanks to its OLED panel that can’t be matched by Honor’s LCD. It’s better in every single aspect.

If the size is all that matters for you, then you may be happy to hear that the Honor is nearly .20” larger than the P30, and it has a slightly better resolution of 2340 x 1080 that results in a better pixel density of 412 PPI.

However, that difference isn’t necessarily noticeable, as both devices have Full HD+ screens.

In terms of camera performance, the Huawei is a clear winner, as the award-winner P30 pro inspires it, but the Honor takes excellent shots too, thanks to its array of sensors.


If we look at the hardware, the two devices perform similarly thanks to the company’s Kirin 980 processor, built with 7nm architecture and paired with a Mali-G76 GPU.

Both have 8GB of RAM, which is very generous for any class of smartphones. The Honor has twice as much internal memory as the P30, 256 GB, to be precise.

However, the Huawei features an NM card slot, and it also features a mini-jack and various extra gimmicks that make it more practical for the average user.


Both devices have decent autonomy, capable of lasting up to a day on a half. The P30 features a 3650 mAh unit, while the Honor 20 Pro has a 4000 mAh one, but it also has to support a larger screen that demands more energy.

Both feature 22.5W SuperCharge capabilities, which lets them reach 50% of charge in less than thirty minutes.

Neither feature wireless charging, unfortunately, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

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