Huawei Patents A Clamshell Smartphone Design

Foldable smartphones are far from becoming as popular or as well-known as a regular smartphone, but the success of the devices released by Samsung and Motorola proves that there is an interesting market for them, especially if the prices will become more affordable in the long run.

Huawei has been known for the release of a large number of smartphones in the past, and recent reports note that the company is working on a new foldable smartphone. The patent has been filled to CNIPA,  the government organization which handles patents in China.

Inspired by Samsung                          

At first sight, the design seems to have been inspired heavily by Samsun’s Galaxy Z Flip, as the looks of the two devices are quite similar. However, there are a few major differences, as Huawei opted for a larger external panel, and there is no selfie camera on the inner screen. The placement of physical buttons and the camera layout is also different.

This isn’t the first clamshell design explored by Huawei, as a similar device without an exterior panel was patented in the summer, along with the Mate V trademark. At the same time, Huawei bought a substantial amount of ultra-thin glass, which encouraged rumors related to the foldable smartphone.

Glimpse into the future

The shift towards novel form factors could allow Huawei to thrive in the following year by releasing devices that come with innovative features and functions even if they aren’t as powerful as the ones sold by the competition.

While the loss of access to Google services was handled with the release of a dedicated storefront app and an APK search app, recent sanctions prevent Huawei from researching and manufacturing its own chips as long as they use the technology offered by American companies. This means that the Mate 40 range that was released recently is among the last ones to offer Kirin silicone developed in-house by Huawei.

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