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Huawei Presented Celia, The Company’s Siri-like Assistant

Huawei has recently decided to create their own assistant to replace Google Assistant, given the fact that none of their devices has this feature available. Even though their last models, the Huawei P40 series, does not have this function, Huawei has revealed their creation called Celia. It’s a Siri-like assistant

The feature will be able to understand three different languages: English, Spanish and French. In the beginning, it might seem that its actions bear a resemblance to Siri, having limited voice interactions with the owner and some essential phone features.

Celia will be able to access text and phone call requests, as well as giving information about the weather forecast and giving reminders in connection with the events set in the calendar. Another asset will be possible to translate freely.

Huawei Celia is the company’s new assistant for smartphones to replace Google Assistant

In its attempt, Huawei is fighting to be better than the Bixby voice assistant developed by Samsung. The first time Huawei announced the launch of this feature for its users, they stated that it is the global version of Xiaoyi. Xiaoyi is a Chinese-speaking assistant already available to users from the Asian part.

Celia is its successor and Huawei is aiming to implement almost the same features that Xiaoyi has. One concrete example is the function to use the AI lens to detect the surrounding objects and possibly giving extra specific information about them.

After some tests, it may result that Celia is not that upgraded to be on the market at the moment and it needs some improvements. However, it is still not launched for the broad public to test. Celia is scheduled to be released on April 7 of this year alongside the most waited revolutionary devices Huawei has ever released, the P40 series. Users will be able to access Celia through a later OTA update, which will definitely come with installation instructions.



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