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Important questions about the Motorola Razr that are yet to be answered

The Motorola Razr is one of the most anticipated devices of 2019, and the fact that it’s going to compete against today’s “phones of the future” makes it prone to questioning, so here are some of the most asked questions about the device:

How durable is the foldable screen?

The display of the Razr is a P-OLED (Plastic OLED) that has a hard coating made out of plastic on top. It’s a known fact that plastic simply isn’t as rigid as glass and this makes the current generation of foldable phones prone to breaking, and the first Samsung Galaxy Fold review units are a very good example.

Motorola claims that their foldable display is by far superior to the one from Samsung. At the moment it is unknown how Motorola plans to overcome repeated stress provoked by folding and unfolding the device.

Will the battery life actually last a whole day?

According to Motorola, the 2,510 mAh battery is supposed to last for an entire day, but most people are skeptical because it’s a really small capacity when considering the fact that the phone has two screens, high performance cameras and state of the art technology in general. Also, the fact that the Razr uses two small batteries (to keep the phone balanced) instead of a bigger one makes it less efficient and more likely to have battery – related issues over time.

Will the screen and body actually be splash-proof

Even though the Razr isn’t waterproof, Motorola states that it is splash proof, nonetheless: The device has many layers of coating inside and out that help it keep its components protected from water damage.

After seeing the long list of care instructions that came with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, people have a very good reason to put a big question mark on the water-insulating capacity of the Motorola Razr.

Will it be sold in other colors than black?

At the moment, The Motorola Razr is being sold only in “noir black”, but if the market is demanding enough, they might release a new color option. This would be a nice throwback to the original Razr, which came in a diverse roster of colors.

How was the phone tested?

Motorola hasn’t revealed an official number regarding the amount of times they folded and unfolded the phone for. Obviously, nobody wants to pay $1,500 for a high end device only too see it break after one or two years (even though warranty would take care of that).

Here is what Motorola says about the durability of the Razr:

We didn’t bring the new Motorola Razr to market until we knew it was ready. We have full confidence in the durability of the Flex View display, and based on our research, it will last for the average lifespan of a smartphone. We acknowledge this is a brand new technology and we are committed to continue improving as the industry evolves. Therefore, we’ve created a world class service package to make sure every Razr customer has an exceptional experience.”

Is it worth buying?

Everybody’s wondering if the Razr is worth the jaw-dropping price of $1500. Will it be a practical device that can be used daily without any compromise or will it be more of a status emblem? It might either hint that the owner’s financial status is above average or that they are visionary and believe that foldable phones are the future.

Unfortunately, it’s too early to form an opinion about this, because demand is still low and there simply wasn’t enough time to test the phone at its maximum capacity.



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