Infinity Loop 6.23 Brings New Bug Fixes

In recent years smartphones have become an essential item for most people as they offer quick and convenient access to a variety of features, including the ability to play fun games on the go.

Infinity Loop is a great mobile game which is focused on helping players to boost their logic skills. Players are tasked with the need to connect fun looping patterns, offering a zen experience that allows players to calm down after a day of hard work or during a break.

Relaxing gameplay

Jump into the world of infinite loops and link all lines and corners to create the perfect loop, with thousands of puzzles being available and ready to test your skill. Some may seem quite easy to solve, but others will provide a greater challenge without being overly difficult.

For those who want to cut ties between within loops, there is also a Dark Mode where they have to track down and disconnect all the segments of a loop. As such, the Dark Mode is a mirror version of the regular mode, tasking players to make disconnections instead of connections.

Enjoy infinity                          

As the name may infer, the title offers an infinite number of loops, and it is impossible to reach a final level as new ones will be generated to offer endless replayability and new challenges even for the most dedicated players. There are no micro-transactions, and the entire gameplay experience is available for free.

Google Play Games integration will ensure that your progress is saved and synced across all compatible devices so you can enjoy the title without the need to worry about losing your progress. While some levels may seem to be too easy in some cases, the main aim of the game is to help users to relax.

The latest update for the game, 6.23, comes with new bug fixes.


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