Instagram Allows You Now to Livestream up to 4 Hours: What Should You Know

Instagram surprises us with quite the update! We can now Livestream for up to 4 hours. 

Previously, we struggled to capture everything in only one hour. Now, we can enjoy some extra time thanks to the new update. But that’s not all.

Instagram has also announced two more features ready to boost our experience. Here is what you need to know.

Update Details: What’s New

While the pandemic hit everyone so hard, Livestream on social media has become necessary. Instagram seems to understand this and is trying to bring the best stuff. A new update was announced recently on Twitter.

You can now Livestream for up to 4 hours, keep all your live content saved up for a month, and explore the new “Live Now” section within the IGTV. 

The upgrade of the time limit is useful for everyone who create tutorial videos, fitness classes, and more. As for the new live videos archive feature, you can archive now your live videos for 30 days right after you end your Livestream. 

You can also choose to download your content and share everything via your favorite platforms, such as WhatsApp or Facebook. The new live videos archive is in the same place where all your story archive is.

More Details

Instagram is now the most popular platform, thanks to its regular updates and features over the past few years. 

Recently, the platform succeeded in merging its messaging app with Facebook Messenger. You can enjoy new chat theme options, react to messages with cool emojis, and swipe to reply to the text on its latest update. 

Instagram has also announced 13 new icon options during its 10th anniversary. And Instagram Reels have new features. You can now capture more content, up to 30 seconds, and explore a dedicated tab for Reels. 

Thanks to these incredible features, Instagram can keep its high status of the best app so far. We can expect more sleek features in the coming months!

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