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Instagram says no to bullying and shames those who are mean

Bullying is one of the most serious issues of the 21st century. It’s often the case to see people from developed countries be mean to each other online over unjustifiable reasons. The internet and social networks especially are a great factor of the whole process of bullying. Thankfully, an increasing number of social networks are developing anti-bullying tools.

Instagram takes pride in actively fighting against bullying with the help of their numerous features which block people from shaming and / or trolling users of the social network.

A new feature

Months ago, Instagram introduced a tool that notified people whenever their comments were labeled as offensive before they were posted.

A new anti – bullying feature was announced today by Instagram. It’s an expansion of the aforementioned tool which allows the AI of the social network to detect potentially offensive captions.

Whoever types such messages will be prompted (notified) and asked to reconsider their message. At this point, the app will allow the user to edit their message before they decide to post it again.

Purpose of the feature

The newly added feature’s purpose is to educate Instagram users and prevent them from breaking the rules of the social network. Those who break Instagram’s code of peace and kindness are at risk to lose their account, also. 


Instagram says that the new caption-warning feature will be introduced in select countries and then expanded globally in the following months.

This is definitely a big step forward towards safer and friendlier social networks.



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