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Instagram to Demand Birth Dates for New Users

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms in the world, reaching insane numbers of daily active users in just a few years. Boasting numerous features, an interesting interface, and lots of options other social networks do not offer, Instagram is the go-to app for billions of people.

The app has not implemented the verification of users’ age like most applications do. Because of this, underage users can utilize the social platform by submitting false credentials. In order to protect those users, Instagram has now decided to ask users to enter their birth dates when to continue using the app.

Until now, users were required to provide their birth dates when they wanted to merge their Instagram and Facebook accounts. However, the new change will ask users, even those who use the app independently, to register with the birth date. In addition to this new requirement, Instagram will also allow users to block inappropriate messages from users they do not follow.

Instagram to Demand Birth Dates for New Users

Moreover, users will be able to block underage youths from looking at their posts. The app’s developers said that it would not check the registered birth dates, but could imply artificial intelligence to identify whether they are correct or not. It is worth mentioning that Instagram can also figure out the age group of users by looking at their posts. The platform is also able to identify any user’s gender.

This is not the first time the app received major upgrades this year. The social media platform recently incorporated new features, such as desktop publishing access, stories, shopping options, and testing augmented reality for shopping.

In addition, the app brought the much-requested dark mode feature, which is available for any device running iOS 13 or Android 10. Thanks to this feature, users can use the app even in an all-dark environment.



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