Installing Mods on Minecraft is Easier Than You Think – Learn How


With over 126 million players worldwide, Minecraft is a true phenomenon. Despite lacking high-end graphics like most games nowadays, the legendary crafting game won an incredible amount of fans, and they keep on coming. Minecraft unfolds a world where everything is made of blocks, and the only limit is the player’s own imagination.

But Minecraft can become even more interesting once you’re installing mods if you’re not a purist gamer who believes that nothing can ever beat the original.

Minecraft mods work only for the Java edition

Players who are eager to benefit from any Minecraft mods must first install the Java edition of the game. The bedrock edition for PC and consoles isn’t compatible with any mods, although it does have some Add-ons.

If you’ve installed the Java edition, the next step is to download the Java programming language itself. Just like pretty much any programming language like C++, JavaScript, or PHP, Java also has loops, shifts, for loops, and so on. You’ll get used to it fast if you’ve been playing with other programming languages.

Once you install Java, you’ll need to download the Forge tool.

Place all mods in the same folder

There are numerous mods for Minecraft online, and you can find them with a simple search on many websites. You’ll have to download all your desired mods and place them into the same folder. The folder will either appear by itself or you’ll have to create one.

The next step is to change the build on Minecraft to the Forge build on the launcher, and ultimately you’ll have to open the Java launcher with Minecraft. That’s all you need to do, and you’ll be free of using mods on Minecraft!

You must ultimately keep in mind that modding comes at your own risk! Not any mod found online can bring only good things to your computer.

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