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Intel Responds To Negative Feedback Related To Chip-Making

Intel has faced some interesting negative feedback recently. Several delays in the manufacturing of new chips have allowed rival chip-maker AMD to overtake the blue giant for the first time. Now Intel tried to downplay some negative views during a conference event.

The conference, which lasted for approximately 3 hours, stared engineers from several divisions of the company. Among the topics which were dicussed we can count CPUs and GPUs that will be released soon, information about new lines of semiconductors, and a quick look at the Tiger Lake laptop processors that will be released in July.

Stock market blues

While the conference may have been interesting for people interested in the industry, the impact is virtually non-existent in the case of stock markets, as the stock market value and PHLX semiconductor index fell by 0.4% a few days ago.

The value of Intel stock has been declining since 2019 as the company struggled to manufacture a sufficient amount of chips and achieve its own performance targets for new microprocessors. Intel also mentioned in 2019 that it would release seven-nanometer micro-processors by 2021, but the manufacturing window has been pushed to 2022.

Fall from grace

Since the delay related to the seven-nanometer chips was announced, Intel stocks lost almost 19% of its value as investors revised their priorities and may have lost some faint in the success of the titan, which has been the undisputed champion of chip-making for several years.

According to Intel’s main architect, transistor technology improvements will allow Intel to release faster chips without the need to manufacture smaller transistors for now. SuperFin, as the advancement will now, is able to boost the performance of a processor by up to 20%.

Rival companies have benefited from the current challeges faced by Intel, especially TSM, which manufactures chips for AMD and Nvidia



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