Internal Developer Reveals Sony PS5 Development System UI

You can imagine that internal developers have complete access to Sony’s PS5, which takes us to today’s latest report on the next-gen console from Sony.

While Microsoft has officially announced its Xbox Series X, we were soon going to learn more about Sony’s PS5, even if it’s not official news. The rumor mill has been juicing out tons of speculations, but we’ve spotted many leaks confirming some of them. The latest couple of leaks are quite interesting.

First, we just found out that Sony might indeed hold an event in February to reveal their PS5. While this detail was leaked on 4chan last week, Sony’s European PS Twitter account sort of confirmed part of the leak through their new motto.

Now back to the latest leak from an internal developer, we got a first look at the console interface of Sony PS5. The image has surfaced on the Chinese outlet ITHome and was covered by GizChina.

PS5 Might Have a Similar UI as that of the PS4

As you can see in the image below, the Sony PS5 host had a system version of 0.100.020 and came with a 1TB SSD. Its design is similar to that of the PS4, which is not a bad thing considering PS4 users will easily adapt to it. However, there are some new features as well:

The PS5 should be unveiled next month, but there is no official confirmation yet.

And talking about the UI design, let’s talk a bit about the PS5 design hinted by Sony’s sketch in its recent patent filing.

The PS5 Design in the Patent Filing – Echoing the Old Real Image of the PS5

While we’ve seen various designs of the incoming PS5, a new sketch found in a recent patent filing by Sony revealed a rather older design we have already seen circulating on the web. The sketch is oddly similar to an older “real image” of the PS5 that forms an X shape. The design is also similar to the PS4.

However, we must take all speculations with a grain of salt. What if the sketch was actually based on that old image? Moreover, this X design shows no heat dissipation improvement. Since we’ll have heavier hardware on the PS5, it’s unlikely it will be used for this console.

Let’s just keep it as a clue to what’s about to be revealed at Sony’s incoming event. We’ll soon learn everything about the PS5 next month on February 5th if the leaks are to be correct.

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