Internal Source Code From Several Major Companies Has Been Leaked

While most high-profile companies tend to invest a small fortune in their IT infrastructure, interested entities can often find vulnerabilities that will allow them to gain access to relevant information, and some can do it without being found.

A Swiss developer has managed to achieve a major hit after they collected critical source code from several companies, including titans like Microsoft, Motorola, Disney and Nintendo. The feat was possible by exploiting vulnerable DevOps applications, which can expose sensitive data.

Leak and share

Once the developer managed to collect the information, he decided to share it publicly on GitLab, where everyone can access it. The source code was also divided into two categories, ex-confidential and confidential and proprietary, allowing users to filter through what is available more easily as the links to the relevant repository where also shared by the developer on their Twitter account.

One of the most notable leaks is related to Nintendo, and it offers fans a wealth of information related to early games that were developed by the company, including the fact that Luigi could have been a part of Super Mario 64.

Noble ideals, dire consequences

While on the surface, the idea seems to be somewhat noble, as the developer wanted to share information that could be interesting or relevant for a large number of people, there are also potential consequences. Nefarious entities could follow the same approach to collect source code, which features security flaws and then sell it on the black market.

According to a technology news outlet, the developer is more than willing to pull down sensible data if the companies send him a request, as code associated with Daimler has already been removed from the depository. However, some companies aren’t aware of the leak, or were impressed by the act and allowed the information to be kept online.

Only time will tell what will happen in the future.

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