inXile Announces Next-Gen RPG Will Be Developed Using Unreal Engine 5

News about inXile Entertainment’s next project emerged recently. The California-based video game developer announced that after the launch of Wasteland 3 will work at a new triple-A RPG developed using Unreal Engine 5. 

inXile is now part of a Microsoft first-party studio, so we should expect the Xbox Series X to develop first-party games using Epic’s game engine. Here are the latest details about inXile’s next project.

inXile Plans Another RPG Game Using Unreal Engine 5

inXile Entertainment took its time and responded to a question from a fan on Twitter, confirming that its next-gen video will “use Unreal Engine 5.” Brian Fargo, the studio boss, also announced on Twitter that the upcoming RPG game “will use Epic’s game engine.”

Unreal Engine 5 was unveiled on May 13 and could be released in late-2021. It will support all the existing systems, such as the next-gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X. Among its significant features include two engines called Nanite and Lumen. Nanite allows high-detailed photographic source element to be transferred into games as virtualized geometry. Lumen is a universal lighting technology that makes developers’ work more accessible, allowing them to create realistic lighting effects. Unreal Engine 5’s goal is to make it as simple as possible for developers to design detailed game sets. 

Tim Sweeney explained in a recent interview that the technology controlling the Lumen in the Land of Nanite tech demo was done thanks to the SSD technology in the PlayStation 5. He also stated that the same two technologies could run flawlessly on the Xbox Series X. Phil Spencer, the Xbox director, also praise the Unreal engine, saying that “many of our Xbox Game Studio” chose to use such engine. He mentioned that Ninja Theory develops Hellblade 2 by using the same engine. 

Currently, inXile is working at a third installment for Wasteland. Back in 2018, Microsoft Studio confirmed that it let Obsidian Entertainment and inXile to team up and join its upcoming Xbox Game Studios. Other Xbox Game Studios developers include 343 Industries, Rare, Ninja Theory, and many more. 

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