iOS 13.2 Public Beta To Roll Out By The End Of October – What Novelties It Brings?

iOS 13 is the latest mobile operating system released by Apple, and it brings some exciting new features, way better than what iOS 12 had offered when it launched. Recently iOS 13.2 Beta rolled out for developers only, and it came with some novelties. According to some rumors, iOS 13.2 Public Beta would reach to users by the end of October.

iOS 13.2 Beta brings some new features

As many reports state, iOS 13 Developer Beta comes with many improvements and additions. We have 60 new emojis in this version, including a one-piece swimsuit, falafel, a new yawning smiley face, a flamingo, and orangutan, and lots more.

Also, the Announce Messages with Siri features finally reached iOS 13.2. The feature was supposed to roll out with iOS 13, but Apple decided to postpone its launch. When you use your AirPods or Beat headphones with H1 enabled, Siri will read incoming text messages for you. You will also be able to respond without touching your phone because Siri would transcribe what you say.

New privacy settings for Siri also arrived with the latest iOS 13.2 Beta release. On your first boot after installing iOS 13.2 Beta, you’ll receive a message:

“Help improve Siri and Dictation by allowing Apple to store and review audio of your Siri and Dictation interactions on this iPhone, and on any connected HomePod. You can change this later in the settings for each device. The data is not associated with your Apple ID and will only be stored for a limited period.”

Accordingly, you can opt-in or out from sharing data with Apple. Besides, the new iOS 13.2 Beta also brings slight improvements to the Home Screen and some tweaks to apps’ icons and interface.

iOS 13.2 Public Beta to come out by the end of the month

Currently, only the devs can enjoy the iOS 13.2 Beta. But soon, iOS 13.2 Public Beta would roll out. A suggestion in this regard comes from the Beats Solo Pro headphones’ specs. The notes say that Solo Pro would require iOS 13.2 to work when they will launch on October 30th. Accordingly, by the end of October, we should have iOS 13.2 Public Beta.

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