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iOS 13.4 Update Launched With Several New Features and Improvements

The new version of iOS, the iOS 13.4 update, is bringing several new features for both iPad and iPhone. IPadOS 13.4 is compatible with any iPads that could be upgraded to iPadOS 13. iPhone users have been waiting for a long time for these life-changing updates to be released. It was rumored that the upcoming version of iOS would bring unbelievable new features.

One of the main improvements that are being added to the iPad gadgets is the new mouse and trackpad support. Apple has improved the adaptability of the touchscreen, including a contextual dot as a cursor. The company aims to combine the touch and trackpad to increase the speed of using the devices.

The company has developed new Memoji stickers for both gadgets. Memoji is a copy of emoji stickers, specially designated for Apple users. Also, users can create their own Memoji, which imitate the users face.

More novelties in iOS 13.4 update

Additionally, Apple is launching a new function for iCloud Drive, where iOS users are allowed to share incredibly big files between them in a brief period. Also, more people are allowed to access in real-time the sharing document.

The Mail app has been updated as well, Apple focusing on making it more user-friendly. The design is slightly changed, and the control buttons (reply, forward, compose, delete) are all the time available on the screen, making answering to emails less time-consuming.

Google Maps and Waze are added in CarPlay, displaying turn-by-turn directions in the car’s display. Initially, this function was envisaged to work only for Apple Maps, but with iOS 13.4, the company decided to guarantee access to other applications as well.

All of the updates, as mentioned above, can be easily downloaded by accessing the settings app, choosing the General section, and then tapping on “System Update.” It is free and available for all the Apple users.



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