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iOS 13 Causes Failure To Popular Games Like PUBG Mobile And Fortnite

Apple’s new iOS 13 update for smartphones is here, but you definitely shouldn’t go for installing it since it has some pretty nasty bugs. And the worst news is that it will make you unable to play the battle royale shooters Fortnite and PUBG Mobile for a couple of days.

iOS 13 Causes Failure To Popular Games Like PUBG Mobile And Fortnite

This terrible news for PUBG and Fortnite fans is possible due to a three-finger press-and-hold gesture which was introduced in iOS 13 to allow more options when it comes to text editing. Both games mentioned rely on multiple and simultaneous touch inputs to control your character.

Lots of players have been complaining about Apple’s update since yesterday when it was released, accusing that playing the famous PUBG and Fortnite with the 13.0 update is practically impossible.

PUBG Mobile developer Tencent added an official announcement by saying the following: “We are aware of an issue for players who upgraded to iOS 13.0, where touching the screen with three fingers will trigger an iOS function and interrupt the game.

We have already raised the issue with Apple, and we will continue working with them to resolve the issue. We suggest players who play the game with three or more fingers do not upgrade to iOS 13 until this issue is resolved. On the other side, officials of Fortnite didn’t say anything about the issue as far as we know.

The Solution Will Arrive on September 24th

You’ll just need to have a little more patience before you can play your favorite games on iOS again if you made the mistake of updating to iOS 13 version. The 13.1 version is on its way, being possible for iPhone users to upgrade to it in just a few days, on September 24th.

The team working on PUBG Mobile also confirms us on Twitter that the iOS 13.1 version get rid of the annoying bugs and resolve the issue with their game.



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