iOS 13 Changed The Way You Delete Apps – Here Is How To Do It

Apple has managed to make the new iOS 13 change the way Home screen functions. The new mobile operating system has changed the way users access jiggle mode, with the new method being slightly different than how it functioned on iOS 12 and previous versions.

For those who updated their iPhone and iPad operating system to the new iOS 13, this article shows you how to delete unwanted apps on those devices. Apple has disabled 3D Touch and added a different Home screen quick action context menus for all the devices operating the iOS 13, whether you are utilizing a 3D Touch capable device or not.

This means the brand new context menu activity is available on iPod touch, all versions of the iPhone, which include the new iPhone 11, and all models of iPad. To trigger this new action menu, you simply have to long-press on the app icon. In supported applications, you will get functionalities such as quick shortcuts to items inside the app.

iOS 13 Changed The Way You Delete Apps

However, if you want to remove an app you have earlier downloaded, the new menu doesnțt show you clearly how to do it. Here we come with the instructions.

How to delete an app on iOS 13

  • Long-press on the icon of the app of you want to delete
  • Click on the ‘Rearrange Apps’ option when the context menu shows up
  • The action will make the icon enter into ‘jiggle’ mode, and the familiar options will appear
  • Click on the ‘X’ button, and a confirmation notification will appear
  • Select the red ‘Delete’ button to confirm
  • The app is now deleted from your device

Besides this method, there is another way to get to the Home Screen edit mode:

  • Long-press on the icon of the app, but keep your finger down
  • The context menu will show up – ignore it
  • Press and hold for approximately five seconds
  • This will make the icon enter ‘jiggle’ mode, and the close buttons will appear

These instructions on how to delete apps on iOS 13 are only doable if you own an iPhone and iPad device running iOS 13.

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