iOS 13 Dark Mode Prolongs Battery Life In OLED iPhone Devices

iOS 13 came out with a system-wide dark mode. The fans praise the new theme since it is quite elegant. But, there is also one thing about the iOS 13 dark mode that not many users might know about – it prolongs battery life in OLED iPhone devices.

OLED screens work quite simple. The display shines only specific LEDs that show colors or white. When the screen is black, no LEDs are used. Accordingly, the screen doesn’t consume battery life. As you may have guessed already, when the dark mode is on, the display doesn’t drain the accumulator.

We can state the iOS 13 dark mode prolongs battery life. Taking that into consideration, besides the beautifulness of Apple’s night theme, there is no reason why iOS 13 users wouldn’t use the dark mode. Add the iOS 13 features to those two from before, and you can say that iOS 13 is indeed among the best mobile operating systems from Apple so far.

iOS 13 Dark Mode Prolongs Battery Life In OLED iPhone Devices

The team from the PhoneBuff YouTube channel used to identical iPhone smartphones, both running the same version of iOS 13. One of the devices had the dark mode on, while the other one ran with the default theme.

After bots operated the two smartphones, using apps that take advantage of the iOS 13 dark mode, the results were conclusive – the iOS 13 dark mode prolongs battery life by about 30%. Besides, the test also showed that using the device with the default theme with reduced brightness, the battery life extended, too.

Unfortunately, the iOS 13 dark mode prolongs battery life only in OLED iPhone smartphones. Accordingly, users with iPhone 8, iPhone XR, or iPhone 11 won’t take advantage of the dark mode in that regard. But it remains elegant to use the night theme, so you should be happy with that, at least.

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