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iOS 13 Is Draining Your Phone’s Battery – iOS 13.2.2 Comes with New Bugs

When Apple released its latest iOS 13, everyone was finally happy because the wait ended. Unfortunately, the users had problems from the beginning with it, and even at this moment, iOS 13 is quite a disappointment. After upgrading to iOS 13, the first problem was related to multitasking management. Of course, another update was released to fix the problem. Bad luck or not, but the last update, iOS 13.2.2, is draining your battery life.

iOS 13.2.2 Update Has Another Bug

The funny thing about this bug that is messing with our phone’s battery is that it appeared in update 13.1.2 the first time. The next update resolved the problem with the virus, but now, we have it again. People started reporting this bug that is seriously affecting the phones, and Twitter is full of updates about the issue.

For example, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is the one that confirms the returning of this bug after he did some tests. He says that he actually can see how the battery is draining while he is scrolling on Twitter, composing an email, or browsing on the Internet. Kingsley says that you could save the battery if you’re not using it or you keep your phone locked. Of course, these two methods are useful, but we can’t have a phone and not use it.

Besides this, Kingsley made other tests and found out that iOS 13.2.2 is giving much more damage to the battery than iOS 13.1.2 update. Unfortunately for users or maybe for Apple too, macOS Catalina is also the target for bugs. People are discussing the virus from Catalina and the problem they have even with Adobe CC suite because of it.

To sum up, Apple is disappointing its users, and iOS 13 remains with a lousy etiquette at this moment. Everyone is waiting for Apple to fix the problems right this time and end the series of bad updates.



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