iOS 14.2 Beta Features Revealed: What Should You Know

iOS 14.2 beta enhances the music listening experience and makes everything a whole lot easier. 

iOS 14 has just arrived, but the tech giant based in Cupertino offers now developers the chance to explore the beta version of iOS 14.2, and all the functionalities that comes with it. If you plan to find out more about iOS 14.2 beta, here is what you need to know.

Keep in mind that this version is a beta, so the features might disappear or be slightly different when they go live. Also, this is iOS 14.2, meaning that iOS 14.1 should come before this with other upgrades.

iOS 14.2 Beta Features

According to the screenshots taken by MacRumors and 9to5Mac, the most apparent change will be the new Shazam button design in the Control Center menu. Even if you don’t have the app installed, you’ll notice it there. And as you might expect, tapping the button will allow you to find music playing on the iPhone or elsewhere.

You will also notice that the media controls pop-out will indicate content to you if you aren’t currently playing anything in the Control Center. You’ll be able to see the available speakers and TVs for you to stream your content via AirPlay by default, so you don’t have to hide it behind another button press. 

Furthermore, using AirPlay via an app will show the play/pause controls only as a pop-up instead of switching the apps. Such a thing is somehow similar to how incoming phone calls no longer appear on the full screen. You’ll only see a small window that’s less disruptive.

And for those with poor eyesight or blindness, the iOS 14.2 beta has added a “People Detection” feature within the Magnifier apps, right under the Accessibility settings. It will show the distance via an AR display, which should prove extremely useful for social distancing, too. 

Check out Apple’s official page to find more about iOS 14.2 beta.

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