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iOS 14 – Built-In Translator, Apple Pencil Support And More

Apple is developing a built-in translator for Safari, according to 9to5Mac. Also, they are developing complete Apple Pencil support on websites. The new features originate from an early build of iOS 14 that 9to5Mac got their hands on.


Siri on iOS is already capable of translating words and phrases, and Apple could expand the new translation feature throughout the whole operating system, wherever it can be used.

Safari will reportedly feature a built-in translator that will instantly translate webpages without the need for additional third-party software.

The translation feature will probably be featured as an individual option for particular websites, but users will be able to opt for automatic translations.

Safari will then analyze and detect the language to translate the content accurately.

There will also be an option to switch between the original and the translated text without needing to reload the page.

Safari is the first step in expanding the translator feature across the whole operating system, as it was noticed that the translation service is partially implemented in other apps, like the App Store. In that case, the operating system would translate reviews from users and app descriptions if they were written in another language than the default one.

Neural Support

The great news is that the new feature would be based on the Neural Engine, meaning that it will also be available offline and won’t send data to Apple.

Siri would also use the Neural Engine for translation, which would eliminate the need to be always online.

Release Date And Apple Pencil Support

iPadOS and iOS 14 could include full Apple Pencil input on websites, making it possible to draw and markup text and images, making use of all of the gadget’s benefits.

iOS 14 will be introduced at WWDC 2020, starting from June 22, alongside major releases of macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.



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