iOS 14 Issues: Fix The Most Common Problems on iPhone

iOS 14 issues can ruin your iPhone experience and, of course, one of the most beautiful software upgrades. 

Poor battery-life, spontaneously reset settings, and wrecked Wi-Fi, are the most common iOS 14 problems. But, for some, these issues were annoying since the beta variant kicked in. 

Thanks to iOS 14.0.1, most bugs and glitches disappeared, while others continue to disturb us. If there’s still a problem that troubles your iPhone experience, the following guide might help you. Here is what you need to know. 

First Step: Update to the Latest Version

Go to Settings, hit the General section, and choose Software Update, then Download and Install. Select Install Now and wait for a couple of minutes. 

Wrecked Wi-Fi: Permanently Disconnecting

Many users have complained about losing Wi-Fi after upgrading to iOS 14. On the other hand, some said that their connection drops when they lock their screen and hit the sleep mode on their iPhones. How can we solve this?

Install the latest update right now! According to Apple, iOS 14.0.1 can fix the Wi-Fi issue.

Battery Drains Extremely Fast

According to some users, the battery drains at an alarming rate after installing iOS 14. If such a thing troubles you, check the Settings,  tap on Battery, then verify the Battery Health to see whether your battery has deteriorated. If so, here’s what you can do:

  • turn off the auto-brightness on your screen (Settings-General-Accessibility-Display Accommodations);
  • turn off app refreshing in the background (Settings-General-Background App Refresh);
  • switch off location services within apps (Settings-Privacy-Location Services);
  • switch to Low Power Mode (Settings-Battery). 

Can’t Edit or Add at all iOS 14 Widgets

The iOS 14 widgets are probably the best things in a while to happen to the iPhone. But, if you can add or edit any of them, that’s a big loss. Try the following trick and see if it works!

Open the app you want it as a widget and spend a few minutes on it. Close it, and you should be able to the app’s widget in the list after hitting the + icon. 


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