iOS 14 Leak Revealed A Significant Upgrade For iPhone 12

iOS 14 Leak

The source of the interesting leaks is represented by the combination between early iOS 14 builds and curios users who analyze the code in an attempt to track down new features that could make an appearance in iPhone 12 models.

One of the most interesting addition is represented by the CarKey implementation, which should allow users to unlock cars and let friends and family borrow vehicles by using their iPhone models with iOS 14 as an electronic key. Rumors infer that one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world has already signed a deal with Apple to include the new technology.

New information has been spotted and shared by a famous leaker. It appears that Apple is working on a modified version of the AirPower wireless charging mat, which was advertised as a popular wireless charging alternative on which several devices or accessories at the same time.

iOS 14 and iPhone 12 to come with some interesting upgrades

The launch of the accessory was canceled due to technical issues as Apple engineers concluded that the mat tended to overheat, and the risk of potential malfunctions or other consequences could be quite high.

It is also inferred that Apple may opt to make the switch to an iPhone 12 without ports, as the company does not seem to be too keen to use USB-C. The redesigned AirPower mat should come with a lower number of coils that have an increased size, a change that should improve passive ventilation, and decrease the chance to overheat.

A popular tech site focused on all things Apple has contacted BMW and learned that the company is the first carmaker that joins the program. The carmaker did not deny the assertion and mentioned the fact that it will work with the Car Connectivity Consortium, which is already associated with Apple.  According to a press release offered by the CCC, a smart car key based on Bluetooth Low Energy will be implemented to allow passible keyless access. More data will be shared in the future.

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