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iOS Jailbreak Is Now Possible With A Rooted Android Device Via Checkra1n Tool

Some users continue to jailbreak their iPhones even if the number has decreased in recent years, as Apple implemented new features and removed some restrictions. While an iOS jailbreak can be usually completed with the help of a PC, a new implementation of a popular utility, Checkra1n, offers the option to use a rooted Android device as an alternative.

Checkra1n iOS Jailbreak is possible on iOS 12.3 or later

Root and jailbreak were quite popular during the early years of the smartphone industry as they offered access to a rich selection of functions and features that wouldn’t be accessible otherwise. However, both procedures come with some risks, and many users are no longer interested in them.

The Chekra1n tool allows users to jailbreak several iPhone models as long as they run iOS 12.3 or better. Models between the iPhone 5 range and the iPhone X range are susceptible due to a security vulnerability tied to the Boot ROM. Since this is a hardware vulnerability, there is no way to remove it.

Checkra1n comes with a semi-tethered jailbreak, which means that the procedure will have to be repeated after every reboot. A Linux version of the tool was released in February, and a curious user wanted to see if it would work on an Android device (as the Android OS is also based on Linux). It seems to work on devices that run a rooted version of Android.

How to use Checkra1n to perform iOS jailbreak with your rooted Android device

  • Download a Checkra1n version compatible with your Android device.
  • Place it in a folder like /data, which allow execution.
  • Connect the two devices with a compatible cable.
  • Open a terminal app on the Android device and type su followed by lsusb.
  • Boot the iPhone into the DFU mode and check to see if it is recognized.
  • Enter checkra1n –c and wait until the task is finished.
  • Since this iOS jailbreak is semi-tethered, it is safer in comparison to other methods, but keep in mind that issues may always surface.


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