iPad Owners Will Have The Option To Play Games With Mouse and Keyboard

Apple has been marketing the iPad range as a suitable laptop replacement for a long time, and it continues to make changes that seem to make the devices more attractive for laptop lovers.

A lot of announcements were made at the recent WWDC event, but it seems that there are some changes and features that haven’t been announced officially. According to several sources, one of them is the upcoming ability to play games on the iPad by using a mouse and keyboard combo instead of touch controls.

Expanded functionality

Mouse support arrived on select iPads in September 2019 when iPadOS 13 was released. iPad users had the option to navigate and use the device with the help of a mouse and on-screen button, but the functionality was limited to emulating finger touches. For example, several clicks are needed to look around in Minecraft instead of simply moving the mouse.

Support for Xbox One and PS4 Bluetooth controllers were added last fall, improving the experience for fans of racing titles and platformers. However, first-person shooters require more sensitivity.

Better controls

The official WWDC 2020 website mentions a listing for a new video that promises the integration of support for mouse and keyboard gaming on the iPad. The entry, which is targeted at developers, promises that they will have the option to add keyboard, mouse, and trackpad controls to their game with the help of the Game Controller framework.

The listing infers that iPadOS 14 will come with major updates for the Game Controller framework, which should facilitate the implementation of this feature. While it may be a bit too early to draw conclusions from a listing, many game developers will likely opt to offer enhanced controls for their games, which is a great boon for iPad gamers.

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