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iPad Pro 2020 Details Leaked — Possible Specs and More

It looks like Apple’s iPads are keeping the same theme as the iPhone, having similar features as well as specifications. Next year, in 2020, Apple will launch a new iPad, which is an iPad Pro 2020. Read below to find out more about the leaks and rumors that so often are proved to be true.

One of the things which are very noticeable at the new iPad Pro is the square bump in the rear that accommodates three sensors. In terms of dimensions, the new tablet’s display is the same size as its predecessor, the model having between 11-inch and 12.9-inch. What is changed is the device’s thickness, from the average of 5.9mm to 7.8mm, where the camera bump is located. Altogether, the dimensions are 248mm x 178mm x 5.9mm.

More details on the iPad Pro 2020 leaked

The 11-inch iPad Pro set to be revealed in March 2020 will come with the aluminum back cover in terms of design. As for the iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch display, we anticipate it to come out with a glass panel in the rear. Even in this category, Apple appears to follow the model from the iPhones. The renders foresee that the processor incorporated in the iPads of 2020 will be A13X chipset, which is the same as for the iPhone 11 series. This Apple’s doing is no longer a surprise; it became a habit to fit similar processors in the iPhones and iPads.

Although there are many details available from these new renders, we still know nothing regarding the front-facing camera. There are no leaks on the sizes or resolution of the sensors being fitted on the front camera, though we do see a triple camera setup. Of course, there are other aspects that we don’t know a thing about, but it will all be released soon. People will be pleased to find out that there is an LTE version of the iPad Pro 2020 functioning in the 5G environment.



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