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iPhone 12: Apple Adds New LiDAR Sensor

Even if we still have to wait for a bit before we get iPhone 12, leaks and rumors are still making their appearance fast. We’ve seen so many leaks in the past few months about the design and the hardware. However, the latest report shows that Apple could make its phone better with Augmented Reality capabilities, with the help of LiDAR (short for Light Detection and Ranging) sensor for the series. The sensor was first implemented on the iPad Pro, which was launched earlier this month. Apparently, now we will also find it in the new iPhones in 2020.

According to some reports, Apple wants to include LiDAR in the iPhone 12 series. The plan can be found in the iOS 14 code, that comes with pieces of proof of a new app, that’s called Gobi, which focusses on AR capabilities, by using this LiDAR sensor.

The app will allow it users to map the environment and then use it in order to see more info about the products around them. This actually results in the more real use of the AR technology, which is restricted in the gaming world.

Moreover, there are many reports talking about the iPhone 12, which reveals a lot about the device. We read that they are ready for a new design change – do they want to get rid of the notch? This is what we’ve also heard previously, so it’s possible that Apple is preparing for a makeover.

Apple has introduced the notch for iPhone X and has been using it ever since – now, they’re present in two iPhone generations. This thing with the notch seems a logical step, but it might not happen this year. All we have to do is wait now for more info.



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