iPhone 12 Models Might Be Released Progressively Starting From September

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As the current pandemic crisis is still on, and we’re trying to cope with, some tech companies got to change their plans. Such a thing happens to Apple, too, which now is looking for the best strategy to release the upcoming iPhone 12 series.

Until now, the tech giant based in Cupertino, California, was famous for its September release events. This year we will witness a change, according to the last reports. How significant will be Apple’s next move for its venture and users? Until new official statements, we can try to guess different scenarios.

The Fate of iPhone 12 Series

Famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo always has a way with Apple in terms of what’s there next in store for us. He recently discussed that the tech giant would embrace a slightly different approach for the upcoming iPhone generation. So, Apple might choose not to push back one specific iPhone variant.

Instead of such a scenario, the company might end up rolling out the new iPhones one by one. Most significantly, Apple would do that right after a device is ready. This strategy represents a staggered launch, or a gradual one, to push the next-gen of smartphones to the market.

In Waves Rollout of Next-Gen iPhone 12 Models

Both the 5.4- and the 6.1-inch 2020 iPhones are predicted to enter the mass production phase in September. Such a move means that they could be ready in the same month. This thing is also a suggestion that the first inventory could be extremely constrained. So, Apple might go with a launch event similar to that of the iPhone X’s.

One of the challenges seems to be the latest 6.7-inch iPhone booked to arrive later this year, said the analyst. Apple had encountered some problems with something called the “most complicated” concept. It is still not clear what that means, but that 6.7-inch variant could be pushed back even further of the problems aren’t solved quickly.

Moreover, all the iPhone 12 models are said to arrive this year with 5G support. The newest network connectivity raises a lot of challenges for Apple. We should wait and see how the company will manage to deal with everything before the end of the summer.

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