iPhone 12 News – Apple Might Change the Traditional Grid

There are so many changes in the plan for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, which are the upcoming versions of Apple’s OS for both tablets and phones. These updates will basically change the way you organize and launch apps on the iPhone. Rumor has it, and they are developing a new list view for software to improve the traditional grid and widget pages.

Up until now, we didn’t exactly know how to list view might look. But there’s a set of mockups from Parker Ortolani, a UX designer, who imagined how Apple’s changes might actually look like.

By taking a look at Otolani’s art, we see three tabs at the top of the display, and underneath them, there’s a search bar: alphabetical, recently used, and notifications. The last one offers a more natural way to see what apps have alerts, which might require more immediate attention.

Apple might change the grid of iPhone 12 models

Ortolani has also imagined that Siri Suggestions will have a more significant role in this. The recommendations would appear at the top, just as they appeared on iOS 13. But the exciting part appears when you swipe or drag on a folder. It could reveal all the apps inside it, together with a list, which might make it easier to visualize them.

Over the years, fans have suggested Apple do a redesign of the traditional iOS home screen – by implementing widgets within the grid or by coming up with more avenues for themes and customization. With every release, the company has improved the look for its OS.

Don’t get us wrong, there is really nothing wrong with the grid design, and it might not be a good idea to change it just for the sake of changing something. Some fans may be excited, and some may be bothered by the change.

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