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iPhone 12 News – New Hot Information About Its Design Revealed

The Japanese website, Macotakara, published pictures of the iPhone 12 models that will launch in the fall of 2020. We don’t know if the source of the site is valid, but a part of the information about the phone is corresponding with the leaks and rumors we have by now.

What is also strange about the phones is the anomalies of each model regarding their dimensions. What can be for sure from all of this mix of rumors, leaks, and photos, is that Apple will launch three models of iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 and Its Strange Design

For sure, we will see three models of the iPhone 12 from Apple, the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. From the previous rumors, we know that we will have different sizes, starting from 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches, to 6.7 inches. The website that posted the 3D prints of the three models is saying that the device will start from 5.3 inches until 5.9 inches.

Additionally, from the 3D picture, the phones have a flat shape on the sides similar to the iPhone 4. The design of the iPhone 12 was guessed by Ming-Chi Kuo, who predicted this. We are gathering a lot of information, and we don’t know if everything is valid or not. The rumors have said that we will see the next iPhones looking taller but thickened.

From the Macotakara website, we find out that the 3D print offered a response to the question of height. They compared the iPhone 12 with the iPhone 11, and we have a difference. iPhone 12 will have 131 mm in height, while iPhone 11 has 144 mm in height.

In summary, another image of the 3D prints exists and is showing the three iPhone 12 models one over the other. From this picture, we can see the holes on the left side for the speaker slots are bigger. We take everything that comes with a grain of salt until official confirmation, but maybe it is possible to see the 2020 models from Apple.



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