iPhone 12 Pro Concept Leaked Showing Four Cameras On The Back

iPhone 11 series launched recently, along with iOS 13. The new smartphones from Apple are not the expected upgrade of the iPhone XS and XR models. But, 2020 promises to be an excellent year for the Cupertino-based company with its iPhone 12 devices. Earlier, the iPhone 12 Pro concept leaked, revealing four cameras on the back of the smartphone.

Even though the iPhone 11 models are recording massive sales at the moment, many industry analysts, as well as users, criticize the devices because they come with a similar design to that of the 2018 iPhone smartphones. Besides, the squared camera frame on the rear of the devices looks awkward, and it’s not what the fans of the iPhone expected from a modern iPhone smartphone.

Well, Apple might keep the squared camera frame for the 2020 iPhone models. Based on recent rumors and leaks, Rising Galaxy and Path Of Design released an iPhone 12 Pro concept on YouTube, showing four cameras on the back of the device. Watch the video below.

iPhone 12 Pro Concept Leaked Showing Four Cameras On The Back

The iPhone 12 Pro concept shows a large display with edges similar to the iPhone 4. The most interesting part of the design is the squared camera frame on the back, which houses not three, but four main cameras.

The iPhone 11 models only came out with either three cameras on the back (iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max) or, respectively, two cameras (iPhone 11). With Samsung and Huawei releasing devices with increasingly more sensors, and Nokia focusing on its five-camera setup, Apple doesn’t want to lag behind.

Accordingly, iPhone 12 Pro might indeed come out with four cameras on the back to keep up with the other smartphones in the market. Also, iPhone 12 models would come out with 5G and the 5-nm A14 chipset, which would make the 2020 iPhone smartphones a fierce competitor for Samsung Galaxy S11 and Note 11 models.

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