iPhone 9 Rumors Are Getting Serious

Rumors about a potential successor to the iPhone SE keep spreading online lately. It all began with people wondering whether it will be called iPhone 9 or iPhone SE2.


It is expected to see Apple launch a budget-friendly iPhone a the end of the current month, which will be the first out of at least five iPhones anticipated to be introduced this year.

The budget smartphone from Apple will be proof of the company’s commitment to low-cost phones as smartphone sales around the world keep going downhill.


Famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the iPhone 9 will cost roughly $399.

This price tag might convince budget-minded users who don’t want to spend over $1,000 on the latest iPhone.

The original iPhone SE launched at $399, and, at launch, it was hundreds of dollars cheaper than its contemporary Apple device.

Possible Specifications

According to Kuo, the iPhone 9 will be modeled after the iPhone 8, but with improved internals. It might also feature Apple’s latest chipset, the A13 processor, which can also be found on the iPhone 11 series.

Kuo says that the iPhone 9 will come with 3GB of RAM.

It appears like the iPhone 9 will have a small screen (in comparison with the iPhone 11), but certainly bigger than the one of the initial iPhone SE.

Also, analysts say that the iPhone 9 will feature a single rear camera, definitely for cost-cutting reasons. 

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