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iPhone SE 2 Launch Anticipated By A Case Manufacturer

The iPhone SE was one of the most popular devices released by Apple, garnering gleaming reviews from critics and users alike. A critical factor that contributed to the success of the device is represented by the excellent design of the equipment, which offered bleeding-edge features in a small form factor.

In the following years, the company focused on the manufacturing of several iPhone models, and it appeared that the SE was a one-time thing, with no chance of another release. However, a large number of sources have started to talk about the iPhone SE 2, with several signs suggesting that it will be released during Q1 2020.

A popular case maker has been hard at work on a suitable accessory for the device and believes that it could be launched in March. Other accessory manufacturers are also working on similar products.

iPhone SE 2 Specs

According to a large number of voices, Apple will base the upcoming smartphone on the general design of the iPhone 8. This means that users will enjoy a generous display with a size of 4.7 –inch, which should fit snugly into most pockets.

Since the device has to compete against many mid-range smartphones, it is believed that it will be powered by the powerful A13 Bionic chipset that can be found on the current generation of iPhones. The chipset will be paired with 3GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage space. A leak suggests that an improved LCP antenna will offer a superior Wi-Fi performance.

At this point, it is worth pointing out that many accessory manufacturers prefer to take a risk and develop products for devices that haven’t been announced officially but have a strong chance of being in development. This will give them a competitive edge since they can release their accessories as soon as the device is available. Still, it can also backfire if the rumors fail to materialize.



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