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iPhone SE 2 Might Come Out Soon – Here’s All We Know About The Phone

Going back in time, the first model of iPhone SE appeared in 2016, and from that time, a lot of users have loved this kind of phone. In the meantime, Apple interrupted the model in September 2018 because the device wasn’t selling like the other models. At the same time, this little smartphone market isn’t gone, because not everyone wants a big phone, especially if they are using it for messaging and phone calls only. An iPhone SE 2 model is expected soon.

Even if Apple tried to satisfy the costumers with a new model, the iPhone XR, the price wasn’t that satisfactorily for the customer ($750). But things are changing again for the 4 inches smartphone users, because Apple had done its homework, studied the market, and iPhone SE2 can come at the final of this year on in 2020.

All that we know about the upcoming iPhone SE 2

However, here is what we know about the new phone from rumors and leaks. The new iPhone SE2 will come with glass on the rear and OLED screen because it is coming cheap, and it can last more. At the hardware department, SE2 will have an A11 chipset, a notch, and no bezels. Unfortunately for many users, we think that the new SE2 will not come with a headphone jack, as 90% of the latest smartphones released in the last period.

Going back to the display, the OLED is present on this model too, because of the partnership between Apple and Samsung. The screen will have 6.1 inches. iPhone SE 2 will have Face ID for unlocking the phone, and unfortunately, no fingerprint sensor. The display will be curved and a full HD 1080 resolution.



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