iPhone SE 2021 – Same Processor As Current Model?

Apple’s 2020 iPhone SE was a hit in the world of smartphones – its A13 Bionic chip offers crisp performance in an affordable chassis.

A Winner Formula?

However, it’s believed that Apple’s A13 Bionic chip will remain competitive next year.

Therefore, rumors suggest that the 2021 iPhone SE will pack the same SoC as the current model.

Though that will undoubtedly disappoint some potential customers who expect improved hardware on the new model, a tipster said that Apple might implement other changes.

What Will Be Changed?

New information from MauriQHD provides insight into the iPhone SE’s successor.

“iPhone SE3

Apple -strongly- considering A13 again for it 🤔

if* they release it in 2021, which is not set in stone yet

so a 2×1 leak right there 😅im hearing” – tweet from Mauri QHD

To clarify the situation, the tipster isn’t referring to the iPhone SE Plus, a larger variant of the budget iPhone, which was expected to launch next year with a full-screen design and a side-mounted fingerprint reader.

However, an elaborate discussion about the 2021 iPhone SE is going on in a Twitter thread.

The tipster suggested that several models be available, though he didn’t mention any differences between them.

Frankly, that could mean that the information they possess currently isn’t concrete enough to make predictions.

However, the next iPhone SE might see an overall design change that would make it look more like a recent iPhone than a “remastered edition.”

They can’t keep it all the same, can they? It makes sense to improve the design a bit if you are going to use the same SoC.

We are confident that Apple won’t disappoint, especially with a budget model. The original iPhone SE had a lifespan of approximately four years, a lot for a smartphone, and it still performs honorably.

Stay tuned for more details about the 2021 iPhone SE!

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