KartRider Rush+ 1.1.8 Update Adds New Game Modes

Racing video games are quite popular among owners of smartphones since they offer the option to participate in adrenaline-filled events while traveling on your commute or relaxing in your bed.

KartRider is among the most well-known kart racing video game franchises in the world, as more than 300 million players have enjoyed at least one of the titles in the long-running –series. After years of waiting, a dedicated mobile version of KartRider is finally available, bringing many of the elements that made the series popular while also adding new touches and twists.

Great experience on mobile

Explore a fascinating story mode that offers more details about the Racers and the tales behind their careers for the first in the series. The story mode will also introduce several of the game modes that can also be experienced separately.

There are lots of people who enjoy racing games but have different tastes. KartRider Rush+ comes with a wealth of playable mode that offers something for everyone, whether they wish to be an ace pilot alone or work with a team to become the best in the world. Showcase your skills in Story Mode, Arcade Mode (where a wicked selection of game modes awaits), and Ranked Mode.

Customize your Racer

Driving skills are important, but it is also nice to drive in style. Pick from a rich selection of outfits and accessories along with several famous Karts. It is easy to customize your Karts with beautiful decals pets that grant extra prestige while driving.

Harness the revamped controls which have been optimized for mobile device and rush towards victory. Drift and accelerate at the right moment to leave your opponents in the dust and become the winner. Join a Club to talk and race with players from all over the world in a fun and dynamic way.

The 1.1.8 update introduces the new Speed Race and Item Race game modes.

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