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Kernel Data Inpage Error on Windows 10: How To Fix It Easily

Although Microsoft thinks highly of its Windows 10 as the best operating system made by the company, the road to perfection is a long one. And it seems like Microsoft is willing to embark for it, as a lot of sources are claiming that the giant tech corporation headquartered in Washington wants to improve Windows 10 as much as possible rather than bringing another operating system to the market.

But any app and piece of software in this world has its flaws, and so does Windows 10. Any user of Microsoft’s latest operating system can experience the blue screen error where the “Kernel Data Inpage Error” appears. The cause may be represented by the failure of RAM, virus infection, hard disk error, and so on. Let’s see how we can solve the issue by using one of these several easy steps:

Restart the computer

This easy method can solve the problem ASAP if the cause is not a major one. In fact, restarting the computer can solve a lot of issues.

Fix the Kernel Data Inpage Error with CHKDSK (Test for Hard Disk Drive):

Search for cmd within your computer and run Command Prompt as an administrator. Add the follosing command line:

chkdsk c: /f /r

Update your drivers

Updating all your drivers is always a good idea for having your computer equipped with the basics. You can do this by simply accessing the manufacturer’s website. However, you can also do it the easier way:

  • Press Windows key +X.
  • Access the Device Manager and select Disk Drives.
  • Right-click to see the option for properties.
  • Select the Driver tab, and you’ll find the option “Update Driver.” Select it and wait for your device driver to update it.

Surely one of these methods will solve the “Kernel Data Inpage” error. Windows 10 is worth using, and the chances are great that it will remain like that for good.



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