Killjoy is the New Valorant Agent: Skills and Features Unveiled

Riot Games announced the new agent is coming to Valorant, and it’s fantastic. The praised 5v5 first-person shooter game will welcome Killjoy, a German robotics genius.

The new agent, a young genius hailing from Germany, is expected to slay with her tech skills and robotics to get the upper hand over opponents. Here is what you need to know.

Killjoy the New Valorant Agent: What to Expect

Killjoy is the twelfth agent to join the Valorant team and follows Reyna, who was introduced back in June when the game officially launched. The new agent will be added to the game as part of the Act II or Season 2 that starts this summer, on August 4. 

Riot Games has published a sleek video promo unveiling Killjoy’s mechanical skills. Thanks to it, we know what to expect. Here are the skills, as seen in the promo.


This skill is similar to Raze’s boom bot, but it’s more like a trap. Players can place an Alarmbot at entry points, and it will begin tracking opponents in the proximity. As they get close to the Alarmbot, it will explode, creating a lot of damage. Besides, it will activate the double damage debuff. Taking down enemies has never been so easy.


The promo shows that Nanoswarm is Killjoy’s most effective damage-dealing skill. She will be able to throw bombs to launch nano-robots that deal a lot of damage and destroy enemies in a fixed radius. 


Turrets can be placed at important target points. They can also shoot in a 180-degree FOV, but the enemies can destroy them quickly because the damage isn’t too high. 


Lockdown is Killjoy’s final skill that needs to be timed precisely to be used effectively. Players can place a robot to slow down all the opponents within its radius for up to 8 seconds. The downside of Lockdown is the prolonged activation period.

You can watch the promo below for more details:

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