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Kodak Has Some Novelties — A New HD LED Android TV Will Launch in India in February

The Super Plastronics is the brand licensee from Kodak, which has big plans for the TV market. The company will launch a new TV in India next month. The official announcement of the HD LED Android TV came at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020. Besides launching its TVs in India, the company will also produce them in the country.

New HD LED Android TV from Kodak

The new device from Kodak is produced and launched in India, and it is running the Android Pie OS. Besides this, the TV could come with an exciting feature called Chromecast, which has the purpose of transferring data. It seems that Kodak has big plans when it comes to the new device that will launch shortly, and for sure, it wants to compete with other essential and famous companies.

In the battle that Kodak is entering, we have Samsung, Xiaomi, and Vu. Even if we don’t have more precise details about the new TV, Kodak planned the launch at the same time as the competitor Xioami and with a similar offering. This battle will be a hard one for Kodak, because Xioami is practically a leader on the smart TVs market, having a 33% market share already.

More details on the Kodak Android TV

However, this is not the first TV and launch from Kodak in this market. In 2019 the company came with a flagship series of television, such as KODAK 40 GHDXPRO, KODAK 43 FHDXPRO, KODAK 50 FHDXPRO, and KODAK 32 FHDXPRO. So Kodak’s plans are significant for this area of devices, and the expectations are high. The company wants to gain 30.2% in the CAGR for four years.

Finally, Kodak will expand its offering in more cities from India and, at the same time, its production line. The company now has three variants of 4K models, with features such as quad-core A53 CPU, 1GB of RAM with 8GB of internal storage, and feather sound support.



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