Kodi Tips and Tricks: What Should You Try

Kodi is one of the most preferred media control servers so far. Previously known as Xbox Media Center or XBMC, the app is free and open-source software.

Kodi is also an excellent option if you don’t want to get caught up in the same fold of viral content. Using the app, you’ll have more control over what you watch or listen to. And if you’re not familiar with Kodi, you can begin your experience with the following tips and tricks.

Multiple Profiles

If all the family utilizes Kodi, it might be a great idea to create profiles for different users. Profiles are just user accounts, and you can set a password to protect your content and favorites. 

Add a new profile by going to the gear icon above the menu. On the System Page, go to Profile Settings and choose Add Profile. You can use an alphanumeric, numeric, or gamepad key combination for your password. 

Customize Your Home Screen

The Kodi home screen is pretty simple. It has a few significant options, such as Music, Programs, Videos, and more. But, there are some excellent options you can choose to customize the home screen. 

Go to Settings, click on Skin Settings, and under the General tab, you can activate or deactivate weather info, animation, or toggle between touch modes and laptop. On the Main menu items, you can change what information can be viewed on the home screen. 

Put Display to Sleep When Idle

You can activate a sleep option when your system has been idle for a particular duration to save power. Go to System, click on System Settings, choose Power Saving, and then activate Put display to sleep when idle. 

Remote Access

Control Kodi’s interface remotely by going to SystemService Settings, click on Control and enable Allow remote control via HTTP.  You must also enable Allow remote control by programs on other systems (on the same page).

Record Live TV 

Kodi allows you to record TV shows quickly. You’ll need a PVR (personal video recorder) or a TV tuner and install the necessary add-ons specific to the hardware. When configured, the PVR will be visible in the TV section of Kodi’s welcome screen. 

Use Cool Keyboard Shortcuts

Kodi has lots of cool keyboard shortcuts that can make some actions a lot faster. For example, the “/” key allows you to switch between full-screen and windowed mode, “F” is for fast forward, “P” is for play, “Ctrl + S” is for screenshots, “M” allows you to change the view, and more. 

Change Location and Language

To change the location or language, go to System, click on the Interface Settings, and select Regional. Under the Language tab, choose the language. The best part is that based on the language you pick, the location is automatically changed. 

You can also follow this step by step guide and update Kodi on any device!

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