Kodi vs. Plex: What Should You Try

Kodi and Plex are two media player software apps. Both succeed in bringing some of the coolest features and genuine experiences. The apps have a friendly user interface and allow users to try different tools and other customization settings. 

But as much as we love Kodi and Plex, we know that only one deserves all the praise. The two services have lots of things in common, and they serve similar purposes, too. So, choosing one can be harder than previously believed.

If you want to decide if Kodi is the one or maybe you want to go with Plex, here are some useful details about both apps. 

What is Kodi

Kodi is a media player software app initially developed to run on the Xbox gaming console (previously known as XBMC). The app can do almost anything and all the traditional media center stuff, too, but its best feature is installing add-ons. 

What is Plex

Plex is a media center app, just like Kodi. Actually, their similarities can be quite explained. Plex comes in part from a forked code that came initially from Kodi back in 2008. And since it split off, Plex became more user-friendly and a bit less customizable than its rival. 

The app’s best feature is that it allows you to set up one central server (your desktop or laptop, for example) and then play that server’s content from your other devices. 

Add-ons vs. Channels

Kodi is an open-source service, meaning that programmers are always hard at work on apps for it. In the service’s universe, these apps are dubbed add-ons. They can really boost up your Kodi experience in ways you’ve never imagined. The add-ons are a bit of the Wild West of streaming apps, but they sure offer great content. 

Plex comes with its apps, too. They’re known as channels, and they run pretty much the same way that Kodi’s add-ons do. Currently, Plex’s channels offerings are less reliable than Kodi’s add-on options. There are some popular ones, such as YouTube, but some will seem very obscure and untrustworthy. So, what is the difference between channels and add-ons?

Well, Plex provides crisp user experience and a proper amount of high-quality ways to watch your content. Kodi, on the other hand, offers more content thanks to its add-ons. Also, Kodi’s live TV support is much more reliable than Plex’s. 

Customize Your Experience

Customization is probably the biggest difference between Kodi and Plex. Kodi is more customizable because it is an open-source program, while Plex is far less so. 

Kodi allows users to use various plugins to customize their experience. There are some cool skins available that you might want to try. The skins will surely swap out the appearance of your Kodi interface, matching your style best. 

As for Plex, well, let’s say that less is more. The app’s interface is very pleasing and is a bit simpler than its rival’s. But the fact that we can’t customize Plex is really sad. 

Sharing Your Library

Plex is a multi-platform so that you can install it on many devices. Such a thing is perfect if you chose to share Plex with your family or friends. You can play a movie on your computer and then finish it on your smartphone. How great is that?

Kodi, on the other hand, doesn’t have such a feature out-of-the-box. But, there are some ways to emulate this functionality and it can work like a charm. 

Final Words

Kodi and Plex have lots of features worth discussing or comparing, but you can download both apps if you want to make the comparison yourself. 

If you want to watch content on one device and enjoy open-source products, Kodi is the right choice. But, if a family-oriented app is what you’re looking for, then Plex can suit your needs best, thanks to its “watch on multiple devices” feature. 

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