Kodi vs. Stremio: What Should You Choose

Kodi is a praised media streaming market that has been in the market for long. Stremio is a relatively new app, but it succeeded quickly in gaining popularity. 

As you’ve probably thought, the question arises whether Kodi is better than Stremio or the other way around. The answer isn’t a simple one. 

Stremio proved to be a fast, light, and much more advanced service than Kodi. However, even if it’s on the market for at least 2 years, it hasn’t been able to decrease Kodi’s appeal. 

Find out more about Kodi and Stremio and decide which one can suit your needs best. 

Kodi vs. Stremio: Easy to Use

Kodi is a great media player and Stremio, too. The big difference is while streaming stuff from add-ons.

Kodi depends on third-party devs for making its add-ons. You’ll need to install the add-ons on the service to use them. The worst part is that the chances for an add-on to work are somehow uncertain. 

As for Stremio, the app fetches content from servers directly. You just have to search for the add-on and start streaming the content. So, Stremio sure does seem a whole lot easier to use.

Kodi vs. Stremio: Buffering of Media

A huge difference between Kodi and Stremio is that the latter one is light and Kodi, a bit heavier. You would rarely find Stremio buffering videos (depending on the Internet connection).

Using Kodi, things are a bit different. Depending on the add-ons and the build that you use, videos usually buffer a little on Kodi. 

Kodi vs. Stremio: Security

Stremio is somehow safer than Kodi, considering it lets users stream content only from verified add-ons. You don’t have to download a thing on your system. 

As for Kodi, users have to download all the add-ons in the form of zip files. You never know what’s inside the extracted folder, so the possibility of getting malware is high.

Final Words

Kodi and Stremio are very similar apps, the differences, however, are notable. Kodi is heavy, and installing add-ons is somehow troublesome. But the app has a lot to offer, so you might want to give it a try. 

Stremio, on the other hand, is a light app that takes up content directly from the server. It’s also safe and fast. Remember to choose always the app that can suit your needs best!

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