Language Apps Limited Releases the 1.2.1 update for Bright

English is one of the most popular foreign languages across the world, as it is spoken in a large number of countries. Many people choose to learn English as a second language, thanks to this trait, but some learners may run into difficulties when they attempt to develop their vocabulary. It is also suitable for children.

It can be a bit daunting to learn a large number of new words in a short amount of time, especially if you start with classing learning methods like textbooks and dictionaries. However, there is a quicker to developer your English language vocabulary in a fast and intuitive manner.

Easy to use

Bright is an excellent learning app that was developed with new learners in mind. It harnesses an interval repeating learning strategy coupled with an original Fast Brain Learning Technique to encourage students to reach their targets and learn new words in no time.

This strategy is so effective that those who use the app can memorize up to 90% of the new information when they complete a word set for the first time, which can be quite handy when you need to improve your English level at a fast pace.

Filled with content

Users will find 38 sets of English words within the app, spread across several difficulty levels. It is easy to learn how to pronounce the new words as the app features pronunciation exercises, and the words are voiced by native speakers. There is also the option to chose between a male or a female voice.

Use the app every day, and you can learn up to 200 new words per month without the need to struggle with outdated materials. Launch the app on a break, in bed, or on the and learn eight new words every day.

The application will take your progress into account and offer personalized content according to your current skill level. New bug fixes are added in the 1.2.1 update.

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