“Last Of Us 2” – Spoiler Alert!

Trailers of Last of Us Part II have been getting players excited over the last few days. However, there is probably a lot of mystery from the secret Last of Us epilogue that you’ve never seen or heard.

The secret epilogue was displayed only during Last of Us: One Night Live, an underrated but glamorous 2014 stage production that was written by Neil Druckmann, the game’s creator. 

The trailer of the Last of Us sequel will take on that scene directly, as it could end up being The Last of Us 2’s prologue. 

Last of Us: One Night Live – What Was It All About?

Last of Us: One Night Live was a 2014 fan-based event hosted by Neil Druckmann. 

The event included live remakes of famous scenes from Last of Us, performed by in-game actors like Troy Baker (Joel), Annie Wersching (Tess), and Ashley Johnson (Ellie).

The orchestra that accompanied the event was led by Last of Us composer Gustavo Santaolalla.  

If you are curious, you can view a big part of the vent online. The only scene that you can’t watch online is the secret epilogue that happens three weeks after the ending of Last of Us.

According to Druckmann, the scene is a means of “saying goodbye” to Ellie and Joel way before the sequel was under development. However, he asked the audience not to record it, since they didn’t intend to make it public. Thankfully, fans took notes.

What Did The Epilogue Contain?

Some sources say that the epilogue displayed Ellie and Joel moving into the settlement in Jackson. Joel walks into Ellie’s room while she is listening to her Walkman.

Joel asks her why isn’t she playing with the other children, but she quickly brushes him off. In the initial version, Neil Druckmann introduced a director note that this was after Joel’s lie from the game’s finale.

In reality, the Fireflies could have used Ellie for developing a cure for the Cordyceps infection, but that would have killed her in the process.

Druckmann said that Ellie was aware that Joel was hiding the truth somehow, which increased the tension between them.

Ellie chose to isolate herself from everyone, Joel, too, after the events of The Last of Us because he lost his credibility. 

She appears in some cutscenes from the Last of Us 2. She was depicted kissing Dina at a dance, so it’s safe to say that the dramatic tension will be present in the sequel too.

In the epilogue, Joel also speaks about his assignment to patrol duty, a fact that is later mentioned in the “inside the Story” video for the sequel. 

He also mentions that his brother Tommy tried setting him up with a woman called Esther. 

Ellie furiously cuts him off, but before she can try sending him away, he gives her a guitar gift.

He then proceeds to play a sensible rendition of “Future Days” by Pearl Jam. He accentuates the tension by singing: “If I ever were to lose you, / I’d surely lose myself…”

We can see Ellie shedding a tear as soon as he finishes singing, as the tension vanishes.

Joel then hands her the guitar, calling back to his promise from the game to teach her how to play.

The two then say goodnight to each other. Ellie then proceeds to pluck a single note on the guitar.

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